Hey, We are COOPCO👋

We build digital solutions for cooperative societies of educational and government institutions with components that are needed to run every management process.

About Coopco

Coopco is a web-based ERP solution by Cogiteq Solutions to handle all business related tasks of a Cooperative Society like Membership, Loan & Savings, Inventory, Accounting et al.. which are needed to run all daily operations.

Our Goals

Coopco aims to deliver all your enterprise business requirements with simplicity, making your daily operation efficient with real-time reports and centralised management. With our solution, we want you to be better managed, away from errors and prepare your company for the next leap.

Is Coopco for any type of Cooperative?

Yes. Although Coopco has been designed in line with the model for cooperative societies of every educational and government institution, its flexibity helps to accomodate the needs of other cooperative societies.

How does Coopco work ?

Once Coopco is deployed to your server, you can migrate your old data or create new ones. Administrator can approve & manage loans subscriptions and can automatically generate or export financial reports.

What are the benefits of the Mobile App ?

Members can view their loans, savings and share balances. They can apply for loans and get guarantors' electronic signatures/approvals. Members can make purchases from the store and update their profile.

How long does it take to deploy?

Our Starter package takes 5 working days, Essential package takes 7 working days, while the Business package takes about 10 - 12 working days.

Creative Power Behind Coopco

Coopco is a team of founders, thinkers, inovators, explorers. We share the common values of collaboration and excellence - keeping us passionate about making Coopco stand out.

Features & Capabilities

Take your Cooperative to the next level, say goodbye to wasted time & uncertainty - manage your activities smoothly.


Register and manage contributions, deposits and withdrawals.


Using the advanced flexibility, control your loan and rates.


Control your store. Real time access anywhere and anytime.


View your MAB, Cash Book, Ledgers, Trial Bal. & Balance Sheet.

Supercharge Your Cooperative Society